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energy facilitie▓s to African countries; and to also expand ▓the market potential of China, which has become the lar▓gest builder of clean energy power stations around the glob▓e.Since its establishment C


ARECIA has participated in forums on climate change and renewable energy in China, Germany, Rwanda, and South Africa. The Alliance has also signed a Memorandum of Understan▓ding with six African countries: Benin, Ghana, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, and Tanzania.The network of CARECIA is

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portant player in solving the energy problems of Africa while protecting the environment in view of the global cli▓mate crisis. The forum was well-organized ▓and included several hundred delegates


repre▓senting key-stakeholders in the China-Africa Clean Energy▓ Partnership – Chinese strategic investors, African governments, social organizations, and international media. Mr. Shi Dinghuan, Founder of CA▓RECIA and Former State Councilor, opened the fo▓rum and addressed the delegates lifting up the cha▓llenges to the environment caused by globa▓l climate changes. He reaffirmed the organ▓ization’s commitment to assist African countries in increasing their access to electricity a▓nd thus improve people’s living standards. Two other opening speeches were given by Ms. Ding Yu▓xian, Executive Secretary-Gen

eral of the China▓ Industry University Research Institute Collabo▓ration Association, and Mr. Wang Xiaoyong, Secretary-General of China-Africa Business Council. They ▓emphasized the importance of the forum from business,▓ environmental, and development perspectives.▓Then several African representatives spoke on raising awar▓eness of their respective countries’ potential an▓d need for investment in the clean energy sector: Dr. Elia Kaiyanmo, Ambassador of Namibia, invited Chinese business and social groups to visit his country and lend a hand in lo

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Friendship Association gave an excellent overview of opport▓unities his country has to offer for investment in green energy.Mr. Sahraoui Laid, head of▓ the Renewable Energy Committee of the African Chamber of Commerce gave a detailed analysi▓s of the African renewable energy market. Dr. ▓Liang Caihao spoke on the Global Energy In▓terconn

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ectedness Initiative undertaken by the▓ world’s leading economies. Several major comp▓anies presented their work and discussed potential investments in Africa’s green energy sector an▓d their financial viability.The forum was conclu▓ded with an official dinner accompanied by cultural per

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